Overhead and Subsurface Utility Engineering and Mapping Services

  • The Energy that Metropolitan New York relies on is delivered by a complex system of Electric and Gas infrastructure. These sophisticated underground and above-ground networks of systems require a high level of understanding because they make construction, excavating, and related activities critical to life and day-to-day functions. Federal laws and New York State laws require strict adherence to worker safety, public safety, and protection of these critical energy systems and their subsystems.
  • Knowing and helping Utility companies to better understand their underground and above-ground environments makes it crucial not just to our project’s success, but also theirs. By performing research, study, design, and engineering under this function, Xenon provides its clients with these tools to proceed with their tasks.
  • Engineering layouts for electrical and Gas service upgrades, mains reinforcement, and/or Electric vault work as required, including a complete analysis of subsurface interferences.